Privacy Policy

1. General conditions of use of the site and the proposed services

The use of the site implies full acceptance of the general conditions of use described below. These conditions of use are likely to be modified or completed at any time, the users of the site are thus invited to consult them regularly.
This site is always normally accessible to users. An interruption for technical maintenance may however be decided by, which will endeavor to inform users in advance of the dates and times of the intervention.
The site is updated regularly by the owner. In the same way, the policy of confidentiality can be modified at any time: it is nevertheless imposed on the user who is invited to refer to it as often as possible to take note of it.

2. Description of the services provided

The site is an online French language learning website. You’ll learn to speak, read, write, and hear French. You’ll have fun learning with listeners around the world. Get ready to start speaking French from the very first lesson!
The owner makes every effort to provide information on the site as accurately as possible. However, it cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies, and shortcomings in the updating, whether they are of its own making or of the making of third-party partners who provide it with this information.
All the information indicated on the website is given as an indication and is likely to evolve. In addition, the information on the site is not exhaustive. It is given subject to modifications having been made since it was put online.

3. Contractual limitations on technical data

The website cannot be held responsible for any material damage related to the use of the site. Moreover, the user of the site undertakes to access the site using recent equipment, free of viruses and with a last-generation updated browser.

4. Analytics

Statistics are tracked anonymously, so no permission is requested to set analytical cookies.

5. Advertising

On this website, we use advertising cookies, which allow us to customize ads for you; and we (and third parties) will obtain information about the results of the campaign. This happens through a profile we create based on your browsing and clicking patterns on and off With these cookies, you are associated with a unique ID as a visitor to the website, in order to provide you with product or service ads tailored to your interests.

6. Affiliate

This site contains affiliate links on some pages and articles. Each time a visitor buys a product or service by clicking on an affiliate link, I receive financial compensation, without it costing the buyer a cent more.

7. Social network buttons

We have included buttons on our website so that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest, and other networks, can promote web pages (e.g. “Like”, “Save”) or share (e.g. “tweet”) on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest… These buttons work with pieces of code from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linked In, Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest themselves. This code places cookies. These social network buttons may also store and process certain information to show you personalized ads.
Please read the privacy statement of these social networks (which may change regularly) to find out what they do with your (personal) data processed using these cookies. The collected data is anonymized as much as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WhatsApp, Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest are in the United States.

8. Limitations of responsibility.

the owner could not be held responsible for the direct and indirect damage caused with the material of the user, at the time of the access to the site the owner and resulting either from the use of a material not answering the specifications indicated in point 3 or of the appearance of a bug or an incompatibility.
the owner could not also be held responsible for the indirect damage consecutive to the use of the site
Interactive spaces (the possibility of asking questions in the space contact) are at the disposal of the users. the owner reserves the right to remove, without setting in residence preliminary, any contents deposited in this space that would contravene the applicable legislation in Morocco, in particular with the provisions relating to the data protection. If necessary, the owner also reserves the possibility of calling into question the civil and/or penal responsibility of the user, in particular in the event of the message with a racist, injurious, defamatory, or pornographic character, whatever the support used (text, photograph…).

9. Management of personal data

At the time of the use of the site, can be collected: the URL of the links by the intermediary of which the user reached the site, the supplier of access of the user, the address of Internet protocol (IP) of the user.
In any case, the Owner collects personal information relating to the user only for the need of certain services proposed by the site The user provides this information in full knowledge of the facts, in particular when he/she proceeds by himself/herself to their seizure. It is then specified to the user of the site the obligation or not to provide this information.
No personal information of the user of the site is published without the knowledge of the user, exchanged, transferred, yielded, or sold on any support to third parties. Only the assumption of the repurchase of the owner and its rights would allow the transmission of the aforementioned information to the possible purchaser who would be in its turn held of the same obligation of conservation and modification of the data with respect to the user of the

10. Hypertext links and cookies

The site contains a certain number of hypertext links towards other sites, set up with the authorization of the owner. However, the owner does not have the possibility of checking the contents of the visited sites and will not assume consequently any responsibility for this fact.
The navigation on the site is likely to cause the installation of cookie(s) on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small file, which does not allow the identification of the user, but which records information relating to the navigation of a computer on a site. The data thus obtained are intended to facilitate subsequent navigation on the site and are also intended to allow various measures of frequentation.

11. Enabling/Disabling and Deleting Cookies

Refusing to install a cookie may make it impossible to access certain services. However, the user can configure his computer in the following way to refuse the installation of cookies:
Under Internet Explorer: tool tab (pictogram in the shape of a cog at the top right) / internet options. Click on Privacy and choose Block all cookies. Validate on Ok.
Under Firefox: at the top of the browser window, click on the Firefox button, then go to the Options tab. Click on the Privacy tab. Set the Retention Rules to: use custom settings for history. Finally uncheck it to disable cookies.
In Safari: Click on the menu icon (symbolized by a cog) at the top right of the browser. Select Settings. Click on Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click on Content Settings. In the “Cookies” section, you can block cookies.
In Chrome: Click the menu icon (symbolized by three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner of the browser. Select Settings. Click on Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click on preferences. In the “Privacy” tab, you can block cookies.

12. Lexicon

-User: Internet user connecting, using the above-mentioned site.
-Personal information: “information that allows, in any form whatsoever, directly or not, the identification of individuals to whom it applies.

Important: All the information presented on this site expresses our point of view, which should not be considered as unique and incontestable.

If you need more information about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.